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There seems to be bugger all in the MSM so I’ll post a few links here just to document during the afternoon.

From Reuters:

The Awl: Egyptian revolution.

Telecomix is attempting to assist the flow of information out of Egypt. #jan25

Protestors were being directed away from Al Tahrir and to the main television broadcasting building. Apparently there’s a former police colonel Omar Afifi calling shots and many of the police are ready to jump ship and join the protestors/revolutionaries.

These are some of the issues the protestors are standing for:
1. Reconvening of the People’s Assembly.
2. End to martial law which is overdue by 30 years.
3. Maximum 2 terms for President.
4. Minimum award wage.
5. Sacking of minister of interior affairs.

It’s the small hours of the morning now, police are expected to use the cover of darkness to try and force some of the protestors to take cover. Though Mubarak is still in power, members of his family have fled the country. Earlier this week some plane loads of gold were intercepted being removed from the country.

There is some concern, particularly in light of recent religious violence, that if the revolution is successful the Islamic fundies don’t get too much of a foothold. Tunisia was (so-far) fairly well placed to have a more democratic government with more attention given to issues of social justice, without religion becoming a major jackboot in the process.

Another point is the fact that the US has supported Mubarak for the past 30 odd years in spite of the absolutely appalling human rights record of that government. Will a new Egyptian government be an equally illegitimate client state of the US, or can they free themselves from global kleptocracy as well as the oppression of this dictator?

The purpose of transition, while I’m on the analysis, is for an end to colonial era economics of growth and the beginning of something more sustainable and inclusive. Rather than consuming and cannibalising ourselves off the face of the planet, can humans live within the network of life productively? This means a change from hyper-consumerism and growth for growth’ sake. Not really a big deal unless you happen to control a multi billion dollar conglomerate monopoly and use it to exploit and abuse millions of people.

What the Egyptian people are fighting for currently, however, is not an end to corporate domination but basic human rights and access to services. In the Arab region’s most populous country, too many are starving and unable to find work or support. The government’s involvment in the US led military industrial complex has been sapping the nation of vital necessities and concentrating power in the hands of abusers. We with them well in their fight for liberation.

Tunisia took a couple of weeks to resolve their issues and turn over a new leaf. Egypt is a larger country and its Army is well organised and experienced in violent response to people’s uprisings. I’m really hoping Egypt will be another Tunisia and not another Iran. Still thinking of the people in Iran though. Several more were executed last week. Surely this can’t last much longer.

*And in case anyone can use the link, now or later:
Handbook for bloggers and cyberdissidents .pdf.


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