Suppport Steve Marsh, organic farmer vs Monsatan

Use of Genetically Modified canola in Western Australia has caused severe problems for an organic farmer whose crops are now contaminated.

An organic farmer in Western Australia, Steve Marsh has had GM Canola blown onto his property from a neighbouring farm and is now contaminated. His organic certification has been suspended, putting his livelihood and whole harvest in limbo.

The GM contamination fund site has details for us to help Steve and others defend themselves against chemical giant Monsanto. This is a very worthy cause. Monsanto won’t do the right thing, so they’re going to need to be forced to by a court. This affects every organic farmer and gardener in Australia. Please help.


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3 Responses to Suppport Steve Marsh, organic farmer vs Monsatan

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  2. Linn says:

    Monsanto fully knows their crops cross polinate and they have no control over this. In America I read that Monsanto’s roundup ready crops are escaping into the wild.
    Monsanto intentional and deliberatly allow this to happen. there is no studies or scientific investigation on how to stop it.
    This is an invironmental disaster and out governement is allowing it to happen.
    Stand up and fight Australia, be one of the many countries banning GM crops.
    Our Governement has to be held responsible. Australian people, general public and ourt food growers have rights.
    Julia please do something to stop this.

  3. Why not use their own technology against them?

    Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) have published numerous important findings which show huge instability problems with transgenes.

    Transgenic lines Unstable hence Illegal and Ineligible for Protection
    Transgenic Lines Proven Unstable

    5 of 5 tested commercially approved GMOs in Europe where analyzed. Three from Monsanto, one from Bayer and one from Syngenta. All inserts where rearranged from their intended gene order. This important finding not only invalidates the risk assessments from various regulatory bodies it also (according to ISIS) probably invalidate the patents given for each of the GMOs. To qualify for commercial release in Europe as well as for patent protection … a transgenic line must be DISTINCT, UNIFORM and STABLE (DUS test). Oooops… all five of the tested GMOs would not have passed the test (if any of our regulators would have bothered to test them).

    Read more over at (search for ISIS in the page below):

    more information related to GMO here:

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