Australian Power and Gas: a customer’s experience

As mentioned in a previous blog, Australian Power and Gas have turned out to be quite an unpleasant company to deal with. They’ve now continued to get uglier. As I was stressing over a couple of legal threats last week, the time came to tell this story.

When I rang to have the power disconnected the young woman on the phone was particularly rude. I informed her I’d been evicted and had no forwarding address and she insisted that there’d be a penalty charge for breaking the contract. I informed her that I was now homeless and she huffed, then was yawning down the phone. At the time I wrote it off because I was quite stressed and she might have been having a bad day. Having thought it over, though, their whole service was like this from start to finish.

From the time a young man came doorknocking to ask me to change power providers, they’ve stuffed around. They promised their supply would be cheaper. It wasn’t. They said the three year contract would void if I moved house. It didn’t. They also promised all sorts of trinkets like movie tickets and vouchers when bills were paid on time. None of these materialised.

On top of all this they’ve now referred my outstanding bill to collectors who’ve started sending legal threats. What sort of company threatens homeless disabled pensioners at Christmas? The letters were sent five days after I’d paid most of the amount. They’re now demanding another $170 in legal fees as well.

If you’re in a business and get legal letters all the time, this is probably pro forma. No big deal. If you’re already disabled because of stress and anxiety, you really don’t want to have to deal with bureaucratic pigs like this. Certainly not when you’re struggling to find a home for yourself and your children. It seemed like the right thing to do to sign up with an Australian provider rather than one owned half by Texas and half by the Singapore government. Politics of utilities and all, right? With this mob, no good deed goes unpunished.

Well done, Australian Power and Gas. Down the track I’ll probably have a good laugh about just how scrooge like you are. Down the track.


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One Response to Australian Power and Gas: a customer’s experience

  1. I had an appalling experience recently with AP&G after moving out of my Sydney apartment…definitely do not recommend them!

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