Chicken coop request

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, the landlord at the last place threw out my chicken coop and several hundreds of dollars worth of gardening equipment. I was really upset by this as we’d organised for friends to pick it up and store it. The stuff was thrown out first thing in the morning before my friends arrived, despite them having been advised that it would be collected.

Needless to say it was a good quality coop and quite secure for the hens at night. Since we’re now in a rural area where there’s foxes, we’ll need another that’s secure before we can have any chickens here.

The plan is to keep rare breeds of chickens, ducks and possibly geese and quail, since we have quite enough room for them and the area is suitable. The Girgarre farmers market is coming up on the weekend and I’m looking forward to heading down there and seeing what the poultry auctions are like.

Unfortunately we’re still paying off bills and getting over the cost of moving house, as well as replacing things that were lost. If any generous soul out there has any second hand building materials or would like to otherwise contribute to our hen house, it would be enormously appreciated.


About Syburi

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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