We’re here!

Wow. Finally. My household has moved in to the new property in Ky and all but a few of the boxes are unpacked. The first herb and veggie seedlings have gone in the ground, which is fantastic rich earth btw, and the heat and rain have helped start them off well.

Hopefully I’ll have a few pics for you soon, but at present it’s enough to be sleeping in a bed in a house. Now that the dust has (mostly) settled the last month seems like quite an adventure though I certainly don’t want to do it again any time soon!

One might cynically observe that both Labor and Liberal parties in the recent Victorian election made comments about “getting tough on crime” yet neither connected this with investment in early intervention, education, health, housing or welfare… According to the September list for public housing, there are just over 41,000 people in Victoria in need of accommodation. Something like 60,000 people sleep homeless on the streets of Melbourne every night and probably twice as many are camped around the traps in tents and caravans as I recently did. Brumby and now Ballieu’s governments are selling not building public housing! What’s going on?

The other day I met a person who’s just bought an ex-commission home. They’re going to put it up for rent at market rates, which means it will be too expensive for many people who are experiencing the sharp end of the global downturn. I’m having real trouble getting my head around this situation. Why should so many people be suffering so unnecessarily in what is supposedly one of the richest nations on earth? Why should this be a problem at all, considering the studies and research on development in sociology and politics go back three or four decades… The idea that the economy matters more than community is simply sociopathic.

My own response, as in the case of the conspiracy theories and terrorising, remains the same: Manage my own household as compassionately/sustainably as I can and vote for those who do likewise. (Though it seems awkward sometimes trying to find them!) Permaculture, home-grown and hand-made are about the most practical, productive and satisfying responses and alternatives to cannibal consumerism that there is. I’ll continue to meditate and garden, to do what I can… the foundations of society need re-stumping… And I, as an educated mother, am willing and able to make constructive changes.


About Syburi

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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  1. I like your blog! If you’re interesting in being a featured guest poster at Punk Rock Permaculture E-zine we would love to have you. Posts about permaculture, eco feminism, motherhood, or whatever fancy you think our readers might enjoy would be gladly accepted! Keep up the great work.

    ~evan @gaiapunk

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