Dear John, about that credibility…

Today in the mail a letter arrived from the Premier’s office, about fire safety. Next time, Premier Brumby, save your postage. You have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Not only has the State Labor government failed to address many of the problems inherited from Jeff Kennett and Ted Bailieu, including lack of mental health services, dreadfully decaying public housing, insufficient public transport, poorly funded schools and underpaid, understaffed teachers, police and emergency services… You’ve also failed to act on sustainability.

To whit: spending billions of dollars on a desalination plant rather than assisting installation of rainwater and greywater systems, not making necessary adjustments to building requirements for new homes and offices, and now getting into bed with a multi-nat in order to build a new brown coal power station. Coal is a health hazard.

Don’t bother sending me anything, ever. Until the government completes green energy and sustainable transition projects necessary to keep us all alive, your words are sewerage.


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Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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