Beagling along

Been thinking about this for ages, but deferred for obvious health and safety reasons.

Beagling along

After about eight years ‘between dogs’, living near many other pets and small children meant choosing a breed with a reliable temperament. Beagles are a really merry, sociable dog. They are also, however, very energetic and easily bored! If you don’t walk your beagle, don’t be surprised if s/he digs an escape tunnel and takes her/himself for a walk.

The nervous photographer

Beagles do not feature in obedience events. Charlie is about the nosiest dog I’ve ever owned. Constantly sniffing out every little thing and distracted by everything. At times it’s like an excursion with an ADD toddler. Hence the padded gloves and deathgrip on the handle bars.

Sussing out rabbits near the rail bridge

Either because of her breed or my attempts at changing life, she’s also the most fun dog I’ve ever owned. I hate to say it, but Roo, the Queensland heeler, would have been a much better dog for running along with the bike. But I don’t recall him ever trying to crawl into my lap for a cuddle when I was knitting.

I was undiagnosed when I owned Roo. It’s understandable why so many people don’t want to know when it comes to symptoms of depression and traumatic stress, because of the stigma. But having a handle on management tools makes such a difference. There are a good ten or more years there that would have been vastly different had I known.

My beautiful beagle bitch

Taking the beagle for a sprint on the bike isn’t quite the same exercise for me as an hour & a half of walking, but it’s a lot more fun for her. The guy at the feedstore has a bit of a laugh when we turn up on the bike to buy grain for the chooks. The idea is to train her up a bit so more shopping trips can be done by bike. We’re getting there… I think.

beagle before a storm


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