All hung up.

It seems the Murdochistan onslaught continues today. To the sewer dwellers infesting the lower reaches of mass media in this country, the most interesting political issue this morning was the reason why Julia Gillard apparently doesn’t carry a handbag. A twitter asked if Tony Abbott carries a handbag… And another has suggested the hashtag #teabags for the apparently Tea Party-like hysteria in the ranks of the right.

While the rest of Australia wonders about how the education, health, communications and green energy developments for rural areas will take shape, “journalists” ponder the “new paradigm”. One wrote of the duly elected government as “all crack”. I think she was thinking of the journo’s lunch…

As it turns out, India, New Zealand, Canada and the UK all have minority governments. Nothing there has imploded yet, that we know of. Another curious little gem of trivia, the Westminster style of government has been around for quite a while, having been influenced by William of Normandy. It turns out the majority party style of government we’ve been accustomed to in Australia for the past few decades is quite recent in comparison with the system as a whole.

So no. Despite Mr. Rabbit not being elected as was the desired outcome of our Imperial Overlord Rupert the Evil, the Universe is not going to come to a standstill and the sky has not turned black, nor the rivers to blood.

Meanwhile back at the ranch… I live in a semi-rural area myself. The schools here are in absolute crisis due to under-funding and issues of violence among students, which reflect wider issues of entrenched inter-generational cycles of poverty, inadequate welfare and health care, unemployment and domestic violence. It would be nice to hear some discussion of the development plans the new government has for rural health and education.


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