Bad Press.

As if we needed any further illustration as to why media ownership laws ought to be the first isssue the new Government tackles. The behaviour of the press during yesterday’s announcements was, without exception, dreadful. For decades the behaviour of politicians during Parliament, in particular question time, has more resembled that of badly behaved schoolboys than representatives of a nation. Now we see the same among the press.

Tony Abbott was applauded during his speech by vested interests and party faithful members of the press! Well, okay so we know that Murdoch owns 70% of the papers in this country, in addition to publishing just about every magazine you could possibly buy, a lot of radio and movies, and John Howard changed the law to make that possible… But Jeesuz, how obvious can you get!

We’ve come a long way from independent media, honesty in reporting or non-partisan presentation of stories. Not that Australia ever had anything like freedom of speech in her constitution, mind you. If there ever was going to be any freedom of the press to report what is in the public interest, Murdoch bought and scuttled it long ago. And Stokes is worse, but fortunately doesn’t own as much. He remains on the margin terrorising geriatrics with stories of drug smugglers and boat people.

The final nail in the coffin was the expletive exclamation during Oakeshott’s speech. “F%&*!” again from the press. And we wonder why young Australians decline to vote or support civics. Well, with the exception of the Young Liberals…

Before the first Parliament of the newly formed Government has even sat. Before the Prime Minister has even been sworn in, swords are being sharpened and lies printed.

For those of you who may have been curious about the repeated claims that Abbott was not PM despite having more votes, here are the actual first preference vote figures from the AEC:

ALP – 4 686 521 = 37.98%
Greens – 1 449 195 = 11.75%
Total for Greens + ALP = 49.73%

Liberals – 3 754 814 = 30.43%
LNP Qld – 1 129 433 = 9.15%
Nats – 460 560 = 3.73%
Total for Libs+LNP+Nats = 43.31%

It probably shouldn’t be too surprising, however. Most of these hacks were complicit in one of the worst frauds ever committed in Australia. The publication of lies and misrepresentation that resulted in Australia becoming involved in two wars.

Perhaps justice ought to be second on the agenda.


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One Response to Bad Press.

  1. Bethany says:

    you forgot all the journalists interviewing journalists speculating about the outcome.

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