Challenging the status quo.

Hat tip to The Hathor Legacy for this ‘midweek media‘.

This reminds me a little of the “knock it off, mate” campaign that ran briefly on SBS. Men saying to other men that domestic violence was NOT okay. “Family men don’t do family violence” was the tag.

This campaign “men can stop rape” comes from Washington, originally from 2002. There’s new ads, a blog and forums being organised, in addition to the “men of strength awards”.

What’s particularly good about these two movements is that they focus on the perpetrators instead of shifting blame and making accusations against victims. Assigning responsibility for sexual violence with the criminals who commit these acts runs counter to the images of women in media and the way mainstream media reports rape allegations. Recognising and fixing media’s warped presentation of gender, sex and sexual violence is one important part of the creation of a sustainable future for ourselves and our children.

This times nicely with the Aboriginal Congress in Alice Springs organising a march against domestic violence for Friday (Sep 3).

Australia has one of the highest rates of rape and domestic violence in the world. The number one cause of injury or death to pregnant Australian women is violence by an intimate partner. One in three women experience sexual assault by a man. For some reason this did not come up at all in the recent Federal election, apart from the article about two candidates having Orders against them because of domestic violence.

One in four families in Aus live with this. Along with mental health, public housing and sustainable energy, it was overshadowed by “gotcha” moments and petty bickering about numbers. As if economic growth could substitute for a healthy community.

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