Can you taste those chemicals?

It’s not often these days that I have to buy veggies, but when my own aren’t in season or still growing it has been known to happen. On the weekend I came home with a cauliflower, from a so called market style greengrocer. It’s for veggie patties and curries. However, rather than being totally yummy like the last lot, this time you can smell the chemicals even as it’s cooking. Yuck.

This is a problem that crops up from time to time with supermarket produce. Supermarkets are about the worst places to buy fruit and vegetables. Not only are they likely to be chemical nightmares, but those retailers post billions of dollars profit each year and that doesn’t come out of thin air. They screw both producers and consumers. And their carrots taste like soap.

Since chemical fertilizers and pesticides contribute to both soil degradation and pollution of waterways, not to mention the fact that they’re poisonous, it’s worth avoiding them.

Fortunately there’s a popular little independent greengrocer not too far away. The other week I bought a couple of zuccini there and noticed a baby slug on one while at the checkout. The young woman was a bit embarrassed when I showed her. It didn’t seem offensive. More like an encouragement that in this, at least, there wasn’t an overdose of pesticides.

I console myself with this thought as I wash a few aphids off the homegrown organic broccoli while making soup.


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