Beagled meditation

Photo essay.

I’m one of the millions of Australians who live with depression and post-traumatic stress. Over the years I’ve tried probably a dozen different medications for this, which either don’t work or the side effects are worse than the symptoms they’re supposed to be treating. In order to keep my head above water without risking my life or selling my soul to drug pushers Big Pharma, like many others I’ve found myself turning to meditation.

These are photos from a session that didn’t turn out as expected. It was part of an experiment to see how much healthy food and meditation would affect my mood and if it could head off the blues:

In spite of the beagling, the session turned out well. We then had a couple of great days in the garden and kitchen.


About Syburi

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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One Response to Beagled meditation

  1. Helen says:

    I think it was *because* of the beagling! A good snuggle with a lovely dog like that is a great cure for the blues, I think.

    Love your blog.

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