Gardening and solar returns.

Well it’s been an interesting day. My “solar return”… I’m now a Grandmother and 44 years old.

While I didn’t get around to a couple of things that I’d wanted to do today, like a wool spinning workshop, it did turn out to be fairly fruitful online. Via a search on Twitter I found some really interesting Permaculture and Green sites, including some more tree houses.

The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia is a fantastic resource. Lots of articles and advice for organic gardeners in Australia. It’s something to be proud of that the Permaculture revolution has taken off so well here.

The Insistute of Science in Society has likewise great articles, in particular scientific studies and reports on the superiority of permaculture and organic farming and gardening practices over agribusiness and chemicals.

It’s somewhat disappointing to be here at this time in my own garden. It needs some lime, manure and a good green manure crop of mustard and clover… However I’m gonna have to move house, hopefully very soon, thus having to concentrate more on staying on top of bills than planting in a garden I’m not going to harvest.

It’s a bit sad, after six years of putting so much of myself into this earth, to have to withdraw from it. I’ve learned so much and shared so much with the green beings in this space. There was no garden at all here when I arrived… Now there’s probably 50 square metres of garden beds, herb gardens and the kitchen veggie gardens. There’s even chickens.

The broad beans, three generations of saved organic seed, are taller than I am and flowering abundantly. Snow peas, Chinese cabbage, chards and many other herbs and veggies have successfully adapted to self sow now season after season. We’ve been eating three or four different types of gourmet organic lettuce all through Winter, from the kitchen garden.

I guess I just have to trust the Universe that the move will come in due time and wherever I end up, I’ll be able to put my green thumbs to equally good use.

What’s becoming more apparent is that there’s plenty of options for green and sustainable building, even if it comes as part of a group undertaking a commercial lease on some farmland. Earth building, mud bricks and all sorts of “organic” alternatives to cheap, dirty development, are taking off in Australia along with organic, low mileage food.

“If you want to change the world, change the food on your plate.” Was the encouragement on a foodie magazine recently. As we saw in the Australian federal election, people are realising more and more that you don’t go to the government/media/business closed loop system now for constructive change, you simply be the change you need.

And this is what I’m finding as I’m embarking on the second half of my life. There’s plenty of problems with big business, greed and canibal capitalism, sure. However, there’s plenty of opportunity to do what you need to do to live well and make really useful, long lasting contributions toward the kind of future we need to create for ourselves and everything else we share the planet with.


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