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In recent days I’ve been searching through sites and looking up new ones, researching some good sources for green and sustainability ideas. The good news is there’s *lots* out there!

Treehugger has been around for absolutely ages. It has many different subsections now and heaps of info. Treehugger is run by Discovery and therefore, I believe, subject to Murdoch… so read with a filter.

Boing Boing and Gizmodo occasionally have “retweets” of green articles on their sites, which are well worth a read for the left wing piss taking, humour and amazing ideas. The Gizmodo site, like many others, will automatically redirect you to an Australian version if you’re in Aus. And like many others, the Australian version is generally shite. There’s a tiny little text link in the upper right corner that will take you to the parent page, more green news and the surprising photo competitions.

Groovy Green is a new one that covers a wide variety of topics and is a great read. They’re generally green news type articles.

Mother Nature Network is a green business kind of blog that runs all sorts of articles about renewable energy, green tech and innovations. It’s very US centred. Their sponsors appear to be bio and green energy companies in the main.

Inhabitat is probably my most favourite at the moment. It’s an architecture and design site that focuses on Green tech and sustainability. Check out the treehouses! “Green design will save the world.” The top pic of the revamped shipping container is one of theirs.

Of course, no green blog roundup would be complete without some links to Permaculture and Sustainable communities… One of my favourites is Milkwood Permaculture. Milkwood is a working farm “experiment” or food forest in development. The folks there run permaculture courses and are frequently involved in hands-on permablitz type activities for community gardens, schools and such. Highly recommended.

One straw change is a blog written by a home gardener who has a focus on sustainability. Recommended.

Permablitz is the original, um, permablitz site… The idea is that you help out with a few garden rebuilding projects, done in an overhaul type fashion by a group of volunteers in a day or weekend. This gives you experience and some background, not to mention new friends… Then you get design and renovation help for your own garden. Fan-freaking-tastic!

Transition Towns Australia is a network of people transforming their communities toward a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle. There’s a blog along the same lines.

The CSIRO have an interesting looking page called The Sustainable Communities Initiative. I’m in love with the idea of technology and public research used to transition to eco-living. Hope this project goes well for them, they seem to have a lot of other parties on board. My only concern is that a lot of these commercial ventures focus on middle class consumers and not those of us who are trying to opt out of money for reasons of practicality or necessity.

And for those who prefer a community approach, Intentional Communities Australia networks co-ops of sustainable communities. Lots of info for getting involved and developing projects.

Tree house quest is another personal blog about… tree houses. The more I read about these, the more appealing they seem.

This is so good to see. There are many more sites and blogs encouraging positive, constructive change in response to the environment crisis.

From my perspective, it’s fantastic. Having lived with depression for many years and seeing how many young people, particularly, are depressed and despairing of life, seeing alternatives being developed and implemented in practical ways is what we as a society need.

From time to time the papers and “current affairs” scare mongers go on rampages about youth who don’t work or are otherwise apathetic. Can you blame them? They can plainly see the emptiness of consumerism, the destruction of the planet and the idiotic non-choice offered to them by the meta-narrative… To live their lives as either wage-slaves or welfare-slaves… And they don’t want to do it. Who can blame them? I quite like teenagers, or it may be that the teenagers I know are simply nice people, but we owe it to them and future generations to make the necessary changes rather than destroy the planet and ourselves by clinging to 17th century economic models.

Here’s to the heroes of the intertoobs, doing it Green.


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