How the media tries to handle wikileaks

Logged on this arvo and started having a bit of a squizz at what’s news. Generally this is something I avoid, as it tends to be hysteria and fearmongering… However I have enough energy to keep my emotional bumpers in place, so let’s see who’s scaring whom in the big, wide world of media.

Julian Assange has a hard time staying out of the press at present. Partially, one supposes, because he’s nominally Australian and the ABC and SBS *love* the Aussie underdog. More power to them.

There has been discussion about the validity of wikileaks. We didn’t elect them, who’s interest do they serve? Well, most of the powers that be aren’t elected, and even those that are do as they jolly well wish in spite of the best interests of community anyhoo. We know government and big business is corrupt to the core. Wikileaks isn’t really telling us anything we don’t already know. It’s simply illustrating quite how screwed up things are. And it seems that there are plenty of people within the power structure who are more than happy to help out. Good on them too.

Pic from the BBC story Assange holding a copy of the Guardian.

Afghan leak: Wikileaks’ Assange denies ‘blood on hands’

FBI to help investigate leak of documents on Afghan war Robert Gates: Wikileaks material “potentially severe and dangerous”

Pic from the Guardian article Assange in ‘thinker’ pose.

WikiLeaks ‘has blood on its hands’ over Afghan war logs, claim US officials Julian Assange said WikiLeaks tried to follow a request to redact some names but the US refused to help.

Pic from the Sky news article backlit warporn.

FBI Enter Hunt For War Diary Whistle-Blower The investigation into who leaked the US’ secret Afghanistan war diary may go beyond the military, the Pentagon has said.

WikiLeaks ‘has blood on its hands’: U.S. anger over Afghan revelations as FBI joins inquiry

What caught my attention while following these links was the vast difference in the tone of the reporting and headlines. News Ltd. can always be relied upon to make the very worst of anything and fan the flames of hatred and hysteria for profit, but this is a really stark case of paranoid thinking. I mean, puh-lease. The US military is claiming that wikileaks has blood on its hands? What are these guys on?

The BBC and also public media in Australia, focused on the background of the story and interviewed Julian Assange about the issues raised. Corporate media, on the other hand, goes straight for the fear and anger angle. Notice the mention of the FBI? The emphasis on threat? Ever more bullshit about “national security”? It reminds me of The Onion joke about the US flag being recalled after links to 143,000,000 deaths.

It was interesting to see more of the story.

Assange responding to question about Pentagon allegations:… “the London Times is also making this allegation today and in a quite disingenuous way, for example they mention some informers’ names they say they had found and with a headline Afghan informer already dead, but when you actually read the story what you see is in fact that individual that they’re mentioning died two years ago.

So there’s a little bit of media manipulation occurring here. In terms of the Afghan government, it’s in their interests to sort of play up the irresponsible, irresponsibility of the United States that they say has been involved in sort of collecting and permitting this data to release, be released.

Now we contacted the White House as a group before we released this material and asked them to help assist in going through it to make sure that no innocent names came out, and the White House did not accept that request.

Just for you, dear reader, I went to the trouble of finding that London Times article. It’s great for a laugh, though only a couple of hundred words long. You can’t hold the attention of right-wing militia types for very long before they feel the urge to go out and shoot something.

Yesterday I was writing about fear and control… Albeit from a position much further out on the lunatic fringe, however the point remains the same. The voices in corporate media, government and big business are so self-serving, cannibalistic and destructive that they simply can’t be taken seriously any more. That’s why the new category has been created “The Bad Joke”. It’s impossible to try to make sense of a system so dysfunctional. Let’s call it a failed experiment and move on. Humans created this whole system. We started it and participated in it. We made it up and we can re-make it any time we like.

Imagine a world without the fear and anger propaganda of the military industrial complex. It’s been done before. Human culture did it for thousands of years before some trauma victim called himself king and invented a standing army.

The earth has geological ages to recover from humanity, if humanity does indeed poison itself (ourselves) off the face of the planet. We are not really saving the earth. We’re saving ourselves. From ourselves.


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