Good afternoon everyone. Just did my first spinning exercise and I feel pretty wonderful.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been running into more and more synchronous circumstances related to UFOs and spirituality. Just odd little things like following a couple of web links and finding myself looking at a page or video about extra-terrestrials, or facebook friends talking about it. The other night I logged off early and went and turned on the tellie, which is extremely rare, to find myself watching a documentary on that guy Fox and UFO disclosure*. I’ve had dreams and visions about various aliens for years, so it’s not new, but the information seemed conflicting.

Many people say that ETs are all benevolent, then you get the stories of cattle mutilations and abductions. And there’s the fear. I copped it heavily last night before having a dream about beheading reptile-men.

Okay. So all of this is rather personal and if you’re thinking like I was a week ago, it’s all quite mental. Granted. There are gaps in the info and conflict in the stories. Allow me to explain.

Many religions teach about angels, spirits and gods. Psychology references archetypes, dream images and the subconscious. New Age theorists like James Refield and writers like Dan Brown talk about energy fields, auras and ‘plant healing’. Quantum Physics suggests the existence of more dimensions than the four or five we deal with on an everyday basis. M-theory, a version of string theory, counts eleven dimensions. Arthur C. Clarke rather famously questioned whether we were searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence in the wrong dimensions. Perhaps they’re not “out there”, perhaps they’re quite close but in different dimensions?

At that point everyone who believed in angels jumped up and down clapping their hands and laughing “yes”.

Many ancient cultures, such as the Hopi, have their own take on extra-terrestrial or spirit beings. The Hopi are particularly interesting as they’re a “matri-lineal” or non-Patriarchal style society. They follow a non-military ideology of a similar type to that which existed before the rise of Patriarchal power about 3,000 years ago. The legends of the Rainbow Warriors and return of spirit brothers come from Native American traditions.

If you’ve read Mircea Eliade‘s book about Shamanism you may have noticed that there are similarities in the Shamanic initiation visions that are quite similar to the patterns of alien abduction stories. In tribal Shamanic societies the myths are about spirits, spirit animals and healing. The neophyte travels on a magic animal or light to a place in the spirit, is dismembered, eaten or injured, is healed and often has a magic crystal or other token implanted in them, then returns to the tribe as a healer. In Western culture we have Star Trek and Lost in space…

Having lived with abusive religion for a number of decades I needed more proof. I will make up my own mind, thankyou very much and it will not be in the interests of some power group or organisation at the expense of myself and my family.

So I’ve experimented with “spirit beings”** and had positive results. I’ve followed the odd hunch and done boatloads of reading and formal study of history, politics, theology, spirituality, art, symbolism, Reiki, meditation, sociology, psychology and anthropology. New friends add information, opinions and questions along the way. Gradually my world view has pieced together in a manner that seems reasonable, and liveable, for me. By definition, I’m a Heathen of sorts.***

But there’s always those UFO nuts. What’s up with that?

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning the reason why I have so much respect for atheists. They’re not afraid to ask the big questions and look for proof and meaning. They’re not prepared to be dictated to by big religion and its emotional coercion. Richard Dawkins‘ book The God Delusion was very helpful and contained some useful ideas… However, atheism didn’t work for me as a worldview. I have too much intuition and other six sense type experiences to live with it properly.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Spirit energy and UFOs. There’s so many photos, videos and witnesses now that its difficult to ignore. I’ll accept that there’s benevolent and malign influences around too. This morning I heard a radio interview with Richard Vizzutti that filled in some big gaps for me.

There are “reptilians” or reptilian influences at work in our society. He talked about the reptile brain, which is essentially the base level of your brain and brainstem, how it controls survival mode reactions. He talked about the human subconscious and how it works in basic terms. The cannibal, hyper-consumerist, destructive human society that we see at work in the military industrial complex and multi-national corporate culture can be described as a flawed, self-destructive outgrowth either of 4th dimensional energy or simply the negative surplus of the human subconscious. To say there are families that live under its existence is quite plausible in terms of familial psychological dysfunction.

Heaps of people focus on the conspiracy of New World Order. My take is like Napoleon, don’t ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. People are being driven by greed and fear. But we can imagine a world without that.

People, by and large, are becoming less and less easily swayed by the politics of fear. Fear is how we ended up with the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. The media and guvmint tried it in Australia with the swine flu, bikers, terrorism and muslims… By and large people are “over it.” Richard suggests that the transition or ascension talked about by the Hopi in 2011 or the Maya in 2012 is about transition to an energy and a world without that reptile, survival, destructive, greed level thinking.

That is what I’m so pleased about. That’s an explanation I can work with productively. Now to go for a walking meditation with my Beagle and feel thankful for the coincidence that led me to it.

*James Fox, ‘Out of the Blue’ 2002.

**In the Hebrew Bible, the word elohim refers to god, spirits, angels, ancestral spirits or ‘devils’ depending on the context.

***Based on pre-christian German or Norse, neo-Pagan style belief system that respects the earth, including rune magic and reference to the Aesir and Vanir. (Think Odin)


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