Free meditation downloads

Another experiment… while I’m all about experimenting and updating. The full moon certainly has been productive!

Intro to Still Mind meditation is a free, downloadable MP3 hosted on rapidshare. Feel free to try it out.

Please note that the meditations are designed to be organic and friendly rather than overproduced or souless. In other words, it’s a bit grainy and I like it that way.

Actually, that’s another experiment that was on the list… Hosting them on youtube for people to trial there. The idea is to make meditation and even personally tailored meditation tracks available to interested people. I have decades of experience with this, in meditation, visualisation, self-hypnosis, sports psychology and alternative spirituality. Why not put it to good use?


About Syburi

Witch, bitch, creatrix; hippie, dreamer, gardener. Lover of books, music, rescue animals, piss and vinegar.
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