Bella Vista treehouse community

Bella Vista in Costa Rica is a sustainable community development… built in trees. From Gizmodo.

Built in rainforest, supplied by solar and hydro electricity, the community also boasts biodigesting lavatories so it’s as low impact as possible on the surrounding environment. There’s no car access… People can travel from house to house in the village via a network of ropes and bridges.

Catarata” (My Eyes Look at the Waterfall). This is a double-decker gem of a tree house, perched in a trio of 150-foot trees with a view of a 40-foot tall waterfall. Words and pictures can’t even describe how cool this house is turning out… we’re thrilled!

And it has gigabit internet connectivity, but only if you want it.

By creating a sustainable community without need for massive infrastructure expense, the builders and residents are taking a much needed step toward the kind of “development” humanity will need in the future. Not only for the sake of preserving the ecosystem which we’re part of , but for the sake of our own sanity. This village reconnects with the earth in a far more natural way than 80 hour working weeks in the concrete jungle!


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