Meditation is one of the best stress relieving tools around. It has a marvellous way of “re-setting” the mind and body to assist in healing and balancing.

Buddhists and Hindus have used meditation in various forms since ancient times. After Carl Jung imported it into western thought, it has taken off in Anglo culture too. More and more people are discovering this wonderful antidote to the pressure of life on the consumer treadmill.

The simplest and possibly best form is Still Mind Meditation, when one focusses on the breathing or other internal sensation and lets thoughts come and go rather than hanging onto them. Its hard to keep the mind clear. Someone said its the mind’s job to make noise. Most minds seem to take that job seriously.

Other forms of meditation are visualisation for change, analytical, alignment and healing. These have similarities to sports psychology and self-hypnosis. All can be used beneficially for establishing balance in one’s life and finding a peaceful centre.

I’ve been doing meditation guiding for some time now and would like to make some sample meditation MP3’s available… WordPress doesn’t allow downloads of this type without hosting costs, so stay tuned for the link for working downloads or email me for them. Tjurri [at] gmail dot com


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